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Jenni Olson Los Angeles Flutist
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The Dreams of Birds

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World premiere recordings of wonderful music from eight of America’s leading composers


  • Novel instrumental colors and timbres from rarely heard instruments of the flute family

  • Striking and beautifully recorded performances from top musicians

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Dreams of BirdsBrandon
00:00 / 07:51
A Tripartite Sonata Mvt IIIKelley
00:00 / 03:54

Thirty Solos for the Intermediate Flutist

Collection of thirty pieces by various composers

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  • Classical favorites arranged for flute

  • Great for flutists and non-flutists 

I use this book in my teaching studio because it has a great variety of musical styles.  These are pieces that you will recognize and enjoy the arrangements for flute and piano.   Even if you are not a flute player or musician, this album is delightful to listen to.

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Incidental Music to Abdelazer, Z. 570_ II. Rondeau
00:00 / 01:27

Forty Little Pieces

Collection of forty beginning pieces for flute by various composers

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  • Professional recording of beginning flute repertoire

  • Flute and Piano recorded separately so it can be used as a practice track

As a flute teacher, I often use Forty Little Pieces for my students.  I have always felt that it is important for students to have a good concept of sound.  Even the simplest piece should be played with exquisite sound and musicianship.  I recorded the pieces in stereo so the student may hear only the flute (right side) and/or piano (left side) for study purposes. This is a great tool for all aspiring flute players as well as an enjoyable listening experience for all.

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Ah! Vous Dirai-jeMaman
00:00 / 01:13
00:00 / 04:13

Christmas Favorites

Twenty-two of your holiday favorites

Jenni Flute Elements-13.png
  • Favorite Christmas carols beautifully arranged for flute and harp

  • A must-own for the Christmas season 

Let the warm sound of the flute and crystalline tone of the harp accompany your next Christmas get-together with this collection of twenty-two classic Christmas Carols.  This is a must own album for the holiday season.

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A La Nanita Nana
00:00 / 02:03

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Favorite Christmas tunes performed by two flutes, viola, cello and harp

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  • Wonderful collection of your favorite Christmas songs performed by some of Los Angeles’ finest musicians

  • Beautiful interpretations by the Sterling Duo

The Sterling Duo members Sandy Kipp Iles and Jenni Olson have played together throughout Los Angeles for over ten years.  In their debut album they are joined by other world-class musicians from Los Angeles playing fabulous arrangements of Christmas Favorites by Daniel Kelley of Last Resort Music. 

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00:00 / 04:39
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Jenni Scott (Olson)

Fantastic collection of Chamber and Solo music featuring the flute

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  • Debut album with classical favorites and new music

  • Features several pieces that can only be heard on this album

Talented composers at the University of Southern California inspired my first album Jenni Scott.  While in school, I was frequently asked to perform on composer’s composition recitals and student films.  I fell in love with collaborating with gifted composers.  This album is a collection of some of my favorite pieces that I had performed during my years in school with some of my favorite musicians.  The album also includes my first commission, Three Pieces for flute, accordion and double bass by Bear McCreary.

Where to listen & purchase

Three Pieces for Trio, Typewriter Two-Step
00:00 / 02:35
Cameo for Flute
00:00 / 04:09

Looking to add flute to one of your projects?

Here's how it works:

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Step 1:
Compose a score

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Step 2:
Contact me

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Step 3:
Get a high quality flute audio track

Jenni Olson Bass Flute

Featured projects you may have heard me in:

10 Cloverfield Lane, BFG, The Cloverfield Paradox, Ferdinand, Frozen II, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, The Good Dinosaur, Jumanji: The Next Level, La La Land, The Lorax, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, Onward, Planes, Planes: Fire and Rescue, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Ready Player One, Rio 2, Secret Life of Pets, Smallfoot, Wonder Park


And just who am I?

Jenni Olson is an active recording, orchestral and chamber music performer in the Los Angeles area.  As a recording artist, Jenni can be heard on over 100 TV and film soundtracks including the recent films, Star Wars 7, 8, 9, Frozen 2 and Onward.  As a studio musician, she has recorded with distinguished artists such as Barbra Streisand, Kelly Clarkson, Michael Buble, Neil Young and Idina Menzel. As a soloist, Jenni has recorded six solo albums, one of which, The Dreams of Birds, is on the Delos label and is distributed by Naxos.  This album is a collection of premiere recordings by a prestigious group of composers. 

Jenni Olson Los Angeles Flutist

Her other albums include two holiday albums titled Christmas Favorites for flute and harp and We Wish You a Merry Christmas which features two flutes, viola and cello.  The other two albums are standard flute repertoire.  Forty Little Pieces is a book that almost every flute player starts in.  Jenni recorded this beginning book so that new flute players would have a great sound reference as they begin their musical studies.  It is also recorded on separate tracks that can be played with just the flute or piano alone.  The other educational album is great for flute players as well as a great collection for Classical music lovers.  Thirty Intermediate Solos has music from all time periods and is as fun to listen to as it is to play.  She is a member of the Long Beach Symphony and has performed with the Santa Barbara Symphony, Pacific Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Orchestra Santa Monica and South Bay Chamber Orchestra. 

Jenni Olson and Daisy Ridley
Jenni Olson
Jenni Olson

Frequently asked questions:

What flutes do you play?

I play C flute, piccolo, alto flute and bass flute

Do you have any ethnic flutes?

I do have penny whistles, recorders and bamboo flutes and would be happy to work with you to find the sound you are looking for

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

Fill out my contact form here

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